Jaslo Winemakers'  Association 'Vinum pro cultura' was founded in February 2014 on the initiative of winemakers of Jaslo region interested both in spreading and supporting the idea of producing wine of high quality in Jaslo region and in activities aimed at developing and promoting the area through enotourism.


The members of the association are owners of vineyards, people from industry fields connected with winemaking as well as distributers of equipment and wine lovers. The association is open to all who notice a chance of development of Jaslo and the nearby region in enotourism seen as the connection of wine and cultural tourism. The full name of the association and especially the part "Vinum pro cultura" accepts the combination of the two spheres- of wine and of extensively understood culture. The Jaslo Winemakers Association  integrates winemakers of Jaslo region and residents of the town. It sets many goals, for example:

-promoting Polish wines, especially from Jaslo region in the country and abroad,

-development of the tourism potential  of the region through activities aimed at developing of enotourism,

- popularizing social changes in the sphere of the culture of consuming wine.

- spreading knowledge  referring to Polish winemaking traditions,

-increasing the society members' knowledge.


The society takes steps aimed at making legal and administrative procedures connected  with wine production and distribution easier. It cooperates with  local councils and non- governmental organizations to promote the region,  make it more attractive for tourists  and to popularize  its traditions and local products. It also deals with organizing conferences, exhibitions, fairs and shows to spread the knowledge of wine culture. The association also plans to carry out educational, advisory and publishing activities.